Our Approach

SSG Advisors supported AuRico Gold, formerly known as Gammon Gold, with their goal in becoming the most responsible and sustainable international mining company operating in Mexico. Working closely with three Gammon mine operations as well as company headquarters to analyze, develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy. The strategy focused on three major areas:

  • Strengthening Community Engagement
  • Enhancing Local Supplier and Workforce Development
  • Adopting internationally recognized multi-stakeholder frameworks

Our Results

  • Gammon Gold implemented a company-wide community engagement strategy focused on addressing critical areas where the company was impacting adjacent communities, including the creation of community development councils, a transparent grievance mechanism and dedicated, trained community relations staff.
  • Gammon Gold implemented an innovative workforce development program designed to engage a greater number of women in the mining profession.
  • Gammon Gold became the first mid-tier mining company to complete a full GRI-compliant sustainability report. The company also committed to adopting the Voluntary Principles on Human Rights and Security.