Our Approach

SSG is collaborating with prime partner Deloitte on USAID’s Private Financing Advisory Network – Asia (PFAN-Asia) program, a comprehensive approach to the challenge of clean energy development and financing throughout the rapidly developing and energy-hungry Southeast Asia region. By institutionalizing a region-wide ecosystem of clean energy developers, project financiers, regulators, government ministries, utilities, service providers, universities and other stakeholders, the project will increase access to clean energy financing through a variety of activities, including:

  • Oversight of PFAN – Asia communications activities, including targeted outreach initiatives, social media campaigns, media engagement, and development of an online Community of Practice.
  • Active cultivation of strategic partnerships that will mobilize private sector expertise and resources in support of PFAN – Asia objectives, particularly in the finance, energy and technology sectors.
  • Human Institutional Capacity Development for the locally-based organization that will manage the PFAN – Asia platform, ensuring that its legal framework, governance structures, operational abilities, and leadership are able to meet the needs of the clean energy project developers and investment groups that the platform will serve.

Expected Results

  • Over the life of the project, mobilize at least $1 billion USD in clean energy investments across the region.
  • Avoid or reduce GHG emissions by at least 40M tons of CO2e.
  • Establish an Asia-based, self-sustaining, financially viable platform, which can effectively share knowledge and facilitate access to clean energy financing over the long term.

Project Updates

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