Our Approach

As a member of the Avansa Agrikultura implementing consortium led by Cardno Emerging Markets, SSG is guiding engagement with the private sector in order to strengthen the horticulture value chain in Timor Leste. Our team is developing partnerships that will link Timorese farmers with high value markets; accelerate microfinance lending in priority areas; and provide access to higher quality, lower cost agriculture inputs, particularly in more remote districts. By orchestrating effective collaboration with private sector stakeholders, SSG is facilitating near-term program results and the long-term sustainability of Avansa Agrikultura’s impact.

Expected Results

USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura program aims to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth in the Timorese horticulture sector. During its 5-year lifespan, the project aims to assist 33,000 people in 250 communities to earn higher incomes, improve their nutrition practices, and manage their economic assets more effectively.

By the end of 2019, the project will:

  • Leverage $1M USD of credit for enhanced productivity in the horticulture value chain
  • Assist 80 farmer groups to secure buyer agreements
  • Improve sales for targeted farmer groups
  • Expand application of improved technologies and management practices for more effective and sustainable horticulture production

SSG is engaging private sector companies as strategic development partners that are making essential contributions to Avansa Agrikultura’s core objectives.