Human Capital

As developing countries grow, they continue to face significant challenges in providing access to quality education, health care, and jobs, particularly for poor and vulnerable populations. At SSG, we are committed to empowering youth, women, and vulnerable populations to access these opportunities by building sustainable, impactful partnerships in education, workforce development, and health. SSG Advisors believes that partnerships between public, private, and civil society stakeholders can achieve extraordinary impacts resulting in improved health, well-being, and employment skills. Using our comprehensive Sustainable, Transparent, Effective, Partnerships (STEP) methodology, we have built over 200 partnerships in more than 50 countries. This methodology focuses on practical, hands-on approaches enabling actors to jointly identify concrete ways to improve outcomes through collaboration in the sectors of education, youth development, women’s empowerment, health, and workforce development. Through our work in education, skill development and basic foundational programs, we ensure that people have the building blocks they need for social and economic inclusion.

SSG’s Human Capital experience includes:

  • Creating Employment Opportunities for Kenyan Youth. SSG is building partnerships with local, regional, and multinational companies in Kenya to strengthen the workforce skills of youth and connect them with tangible economic opportunities. Our efforts are in support of the Kenya Youth Employment Services (K-YES) project, in collaboration with RTI International.
  • Leveraging Technology to Build Human Capital. SSG’s deep expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) enables us to build partnerships that unleash human potential. We design human capital solutions that leverages technology to deploy more accessible education curricula, connect youth and employers, and enable women to access educational opportunities.
  • Improving Education and Workforce Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. SSG is currently implementing the Education Technical Support Services project with USAID’s Latin America and Caribbean Bureau, providing technical and management expertise to USAID on a range of education and workforce development issues.