Inclusive Markets

Strong and inclusive markets are the foundation for successful development. Inclusive markets extend opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers across the spectrum, from large companies in capital cities to small community-based enterprises. At SSG, we develop and implement high-impact solutions that get to the heart of business objectives and apply private sector innovationto key development challenges. SSG supports investment identification and facilitation, connecting promising start-ups and businesses to investors looking for opportunities. We also empower entrepreneurs through capacity building and networking, enabling small businesses in frontier markets to expand their customer bases, attract capital, and optimize their operations. Whether it is a growing agribusiness in Ghana looking to expand into EU markets or a supporting micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan seeking to support their families, we create jobs, increase incomes, and benefit communities through innovative private sector development solutions, while ensuring that all investments have a strong potential for return.

  • Expert insights for partnerships around the world. As USAID’s Global Development Lab’s go-to provider for partnership-methodology ideation, SSG is at the forefront of providing practical, action-based approaches for engaging the private sector across all areas of development.
  • Growing agribusinesses in West Africa. Through the innovative AFT Fund, SSG provided technical assistance to two agribusinesses, supporting the development of business plans, feasibility studies, and market analyses. Both companies achieved financial closure with investors within six months of the completion of our work.
  • Unlocking technology in Timor-Leste. Through collaboration, foresight, and determination, SSG’s work with local financing institutions has allowed farmers throughout Timor-Leste to purchase and utilize new tools to decrease crop volatility and increase yields.
  • Agribusiness Partnerships in Haiti.  Using SSG’s STEP partnership methodology, we are working with donors, agribusinesses and local governments to strengthen key agricultural value chains in the country.