Today’s complex development challenges require unprecedented collaboration among public institutions, the private sector, and civil society. SSG Advisors is the acknowledged leader in fostering effective cross-sector collaboration. Using our proven STEP methodology, we have fostered more than 100 public-private partnerships in 30 countries. These partnerships have enabled our clients and stakeholders to tackle tough economic, social, and environmental challenges through collaborative action.

  • Supporting USAID MissionsSSG has provided direct technical assistance, training and partnership analytical services to a dozen USAID Missions in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Latin America and Afghanistan/Pakistan within and across every sector USAID operates – food security, health, economics/environment/education and governance.
  • Engaging Businesses. SSG has facilitated, managed and analyzed more than 100 innovative USAID partnerships with companies, large and small, such as Microsoft, Intel, Lanka Orix Leasing, SMART, Maersk, the National Fisheries Institute, Wal-Mart, Ferrero, QUALCOMM, Safaricom, and Barrick Gold. Related Publication: Integrating Alliances into Sector Assessments
  • Creating Partnerships, Expanding AccessIn Sri Lanka, SSG forged USAID partnerships with leading ICT and financing firms that created 55 internet centers and leveraged private sector resources for additional centers bringing broadband to 100,000 people sustainably.