Our Story

We founded SSG Advisors in 2005. Tired of what we perceived as a top-down, supply-side approach to development, we created SSG Advisors to foster a new approach to development that would engage both communities and the private sector as partners rather than beneficiaries. At the time, the idea of a small company challenging the international development status quo was considered ambitious to say the least.

From the start, SSG Advisors was a different type of development company. Rather than establish ourselves in Washington or New York, we chose Vermont as our home. With its Yankee work ethic, community spirit, and commitment to sustainability, Vermont embodies many of SSG’s core values. The idyllic scenery, great recreational opportunities, and strong educational institutions make Vermont a great place for our employees to raise families.

SSG Advisors quickly earned a reputation for innovative approaches to development challenges. One of our first projects in Sri Lanka created a micro-franchise company to deliver broadband to rural communities. Described by the State Department as a ‘game-changer,’ the EasySeva micro-franchise sustainably connected more than 100,000 in underserved rural communities to inexpensive broadband.

Since that time, SSG Advisors has grown and developed a track record for delivering innovative development and sustainability solutions for clients in more than 50 frontier market countries in diverse sectors such as Food Security, Climate and Youth. Our impacts touch the lives of smallholder farmers in Burkina Faso, women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, and fisherfolk in the Philippines. Underlying all of our work is a commitment to certain key values:

  • People. We hire and retain the very best people. Our staff are committed to excellence every single day. It is our people that make SSG Advisors a great place to work and a great partner to work with.
  • Catalytic Solutions. We believe that our role as development professionals is to unlock the power of markets and communities, empowering our stakeholders to achieve lasting change and impacts.
  • Integrity. We are committed to operating in a transparent, responsive, and accountable manner with all of our stakeholders — clients, communities, and employees. What you see is what you get.

Our Future

When we started SSG Advisors, people told us we were crazy — that it was impossible for a Vermont-based small business to take on the status quo in international development. Fast forward to today, and there is now a recognition that our catalytic approach to development works.

As we look into the future, SSG Advisors will continuously seek to improve and innovate our approach to development, responding to global challenges while leveraging the immense talent and resources of our team, our partners, and our communities.

Nazgul Abdrazakova